Engineered timber products are Quality Assurance certified by Trada and carry full CE marking. With 60 years of design and fabrication expertise behind us, Talbot Timber are dedicated to meeting and often exceeding our customers expectations when it comes to posi joist and metal web joists.

Posi Joist

Metal web Posi Joists have long been used in the UK construction industry and are continually growing in popularity with architects, specifiers, home builders and contractors.

They share the same basic elements as trussed rafters – timber structural members joined with pressed-steel nail plates to create a rigid supporting frame. This can save money and help streamline the supply chain.

With the increasing specification of mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) systems and smart home systems adding to the services occupying the floor zone, metal web joists look set to continue growing in popularity for many years to come.

A posi joist combines the lightness of timber with the strength of the Posi-Strut steel web to produce a floor and roof system allowing you to span far greater distances than would be possible with alternative timber products.

This gives you unequalled design freedom across a wide range of applications for both floor and roof in domestic, industrial and commercial applications. The Posi-Joist allows a variety of internal room layouts within an external shell due to its clear spanning capabilities.

The Talbot Timber Difference

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Posi Joist Benefits

Easier installation of services such as wiring, plumbing, cabling, heating pipes etc. resulting in the reduction or elimination of surface pipework.

No need to cut or drill holes in the joist.

Increased spans, simpler installation of utilities, flexibility in design and faster erection, can result in significantly reduced building costs

The depth, length and specification can all be adjusted to produce joists with specific performance criteria that can span greater distances than solid timber joists.

The use of smaller timber sections together with the metal webs means that there is less shrinkage and a reduced risk of squeaky floors.

Metal Web Joists Benefits

As metal web Posi Joists are made to measure, site wastage is virtually eliminated.

Some types of metal web joists also have a solid timber ‘trimmable end’ to allow for any on-site discrepancies.

The open web structure means they are lighter to handle than solid timber joists.

Metal web Posi Joists can eliminate the need for loadbearing intermediate walls, giving the architect greater design freedom and flexibility.

The wide timber chords make for easier fixing of flooring and ceiling and there is no need for herringbone strutting.

Metal web joists when used with a rigid strong-back reduce floor vibration.

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Metal Web Floor Systems
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Posi-Rafters are suitable for both pitched roofs and flat roofs. They are stronger than solid timber rafters, therefore can span further and require less internal support.

Posi Roofs

A wide range of depths and end details provide great flexibility in their application.

Posi-Rafters are parallel chord trusses, plated together with Posi-Strut metal webs.

As with Posi-Joist floor joists they are designed and manufactured offsite and tailored to the requirements of each individual project.

Posi-Rafters are suitable for both pitched roofs and flat roofs. They are stronger than solid timber rafters, therefore can span further and require less internal support.

The open web construction allows for services and utilities to be easily routed through the rafters with no need for cutting, drilling or battening out.

Posi-Rafters can also offer greater thermal U values than solid timber rafters.


Posi-Attic trusses combines the solid feel of a Posi-Joist with the benefits of a conventional attic truss.


Posi-Attic trusses combine the solid feel of a Posi-Joist with the benefits of a conventional attic truss. The strength of the Posi-Joist floor provides greater room widths, for increased living space within the attic, delivering maximum value to the client.

The Posi-Joist floor is ideal for the installation and maintenance of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, soil pipes and the increasingly diverse range of services installed in modern homes.

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