Special Plywood

Special Plywood

Our special plywood offering is available in loose or bulk quantities and includes :

  • Concrete Formwork Plywood
  • Real Wood Veneered Plywood
  • Phenolic Plywood Mesh & Smooth Faced
  • Fire Retardant Plywood
  • Vinyl Overlaid Plywood
  • Lightweight Plywood
  • Painted Plywood
  • Flexible Plywood

Our team is committed to servicing all of your special plywood needs, including cut to size panels.

Special Plywood

Specialist plywood is used in applications where standard softwood or hardwood plywood will not meet the desired requirements.

Grip faced phenolic plywood for example will be used in walking areas or in trailer beds. Phenolic plywood has two strengths over its standard counterpart –

  1. it is sealed on both faces and all sides giving it greater durability
  2. its grip face offers superior grip where needed

If you are unsure of the type of specialist plywood that you need to suit your project then feel free to contact our team for advice. We are always on hand and happy to help.

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