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Customised Roof Trusses Made To Specification

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Roof trusses, or trussed rafters as they are sometimes referred to, are used in the majority of new housing in the UK and Ireland and are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial settings.

So why are trusses so popular?  Firstly, a trussed roof is a fully engineered structure delivering a practical and versatile roofing solution.  In addition, trusses offer a cost effective and speedy solution to roof framing.  When compared with a traditionally built roof, trussed rafters will typically deliver considerable material savings often using 40% less timber.

The importance of minimising site waste has never been greater; leading an increasing number of house builders to have a preference to source offsite manufactured building components.  Trussed rafters are manufactured offsite, in a factory controlled environment ensuring high quality products are delivered to site with a minimum of onsite work required.

A good example of the versatility of trusses is the room-in-the-roof attic truss.  With a combination of a slightly steeper roof pitch, increased timber sections and the addition of the appropriate room loadings, a conventional roof truss can be quickly modified in the MiTek design software to provide the homeowner with the option of additional living space in the dwelling.

When you order a trussed rafter roof from a MiTek manufacturer you can be confident that you are dealing with a company that is using the industry leading design and engineering software and has the backup support of our experienced team of technical experts.

We have been fabricating trusses for over 25 years using the Mitek systems software and connector plates. Our engineered timber products are manufactured within a quality assurance scheme certified by TRADA.

Below are our CE certificates for Roof Trusses and Metal Web Posi Joists
0303 issue 02-05-2013 Talbot Timber LTD
0302 issue 02-05-2013 Talbot Timber TR

And our CE Declarations of Performance Certificates:- DOP


Pictures from previous Roof Trusses supplied


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