About Talbot Timber

Our successful growth over the past 29 years has been down to people dealing with people. Our aim is to serve our customers as a team and as best we can in the most efficient way possible, so that everyone leaves with a sense of satisfaction after dealing with us. 

This generates a good name for Talbot Timber within the West Wales area by word of mouth, which in our opinion is the best advertising any company can get.   

We must be doing something right to have become the largest and most successful Roof Truss, Timber and Builder’s Merchant in West Wales.
We realise that without loyal customers we will always struggle as a business, so our focus is on over delivering when it comes to customer service and the efforts we make to provide it and continuously improve it. We always listen to customers because that’s what will continue our success. 

Having said that, we also realise that we need good, reliable, knowledgeable staff, who are willing to take ownership of their responsibilities and who are confident and passionate enough to promote their own ideas and suggestions for performance improvement of the company.  

Instead of treating staff as a number or simply an employee, we believe in sharing responsibility with them in an effort to make them feel part of the company and so take an active interest in Talbot Timber’s success story. 

Many of our staff have been with us from day one, which is testament to the working conditions, relationships and teamwork environment we have within. 

Talbot Timber started trading back in 1982 as a dual business; a Timber and Panel Product business alongside a Roof Truss Manufacturing business. Success and growth soon demanded that the two companies joined forces to create a stronger buying power, so this was implemented in 1994

The company is owned and run by the Kiff family, who have lived in Pembrokeshire all their lives.
Tony Kiff, a highly respected businessman with a history of achievements within the timber and building industries began the company, and since his sad passing in 2006, has passed his legacy on to two of his sons, Simon and Jon. 

Simon runs the Roof Truss side of the business whilst Jon’s focus is on running the Merchant side, but both make major business decisions together. 

Both are very ‘hands on’ with their approach and this is undoubtedly why the company has been so successful. If a forklift needs a driver, either is more than happy to jump on and get the job done. Customer service is paramount at all times. Due to this commitment and enthusiasm, both Simon and Jon have earned the respect of their employees and customers alike. 

Their openness and honesty to all members of staff creates a healthy and enthusiastic environment for anyone who wants to become part of the team. 

The Talbot Timber success story rolls on from strength to strength and the business itself has grown due to the local demand. Customer feedback is considered immensely important and many new systems and product lines have been introduced through this alone.  

Whilst the vast majority of businesses are busy trying to keep their shareholders or accountants happy, Talbot Timber simply keeps concentrating on the basics of a good merchant business, which are not necessarily in any specific order, but are considered as being;  

Honesty and Integrity  

Take any one of the above out and the business would suffer, along with the customer’s experience in dealing with us.  

From a base that started in Pembroke Dock over 25 years ago, Talbot Timber now provides complete coverage of the West Wales area by having 3 more Branch outlets in Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, and Tenby. 

The customer base is varied, from huge National Developers to DIY individuals. Repeat business is regular, so emphasising that we must be doing something right.
New stock product lines are being introduced constantly to meet demand, the most recent of which is a Wood Flooring section, which will soon become the most comprehensive flooring service of its kind within West Wales.  

Feedback and Employment…  

We are always interested in speaking with good people, so if you know anyone who has a real passion for the timber and building industry, and who wants to become part of it, please ask them to contact us.  

Likewise, should you have any ideas that may improve our performance as a customer driven business, please let us know your thoughts.